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Much Adobo Something

By Cory (Touch)

Full disclosure: My only exposure to Filipino food has been the odd dish of adobo brought to a potluck by a coworker or friend. It has nothing to do with a dislike or lack of interest in going beyond this “gateway” plate. Consider my delight, therefore, when I received an invitation to attend the #PassThePata event at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen.

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No Reservations About It – #iheartbosk

For many of us, the thought of hotel food might elicit memories of an underwhelming Cobb salad in an outdated lounge or overpriced room service. And while I have been fortunate to enjoy some truly great dining experiences at a “home away from home”, it is often my practice to search out the local grocery store to pick up some basics to enjoy – either at the hotel itself or on a picnic somewhere in the city I am visiting with my husband.

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High Tea Contest
Tea For Two – And It Could Be You!

By Cory

In the nearly two years since Fellowship of Food has existed, the rise of food porn has continued at an astronomical rate. Without getting into the debate that has begun over the presence of cameras and smartphones in restaurants, we confess that we enjoy posting pictures of what we consider to be pleasing plates (just check our Instagram accounts @fab_channer and @corymdp if you’re not convinced).

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Custom S'more: Passion Fruit Almond Marshmallow, Breton Cookie & Valrhona White Chocolate
My Fab Wedding Dream Team, chapter 1 – Eyal Liebman

Hello my darling readers! Spring is almost upon us and I am SUPER PUMPED! Winter was long, freezing and dark, so I am ready for spring fashion and new spring menus popping up in all my favourite foodie spots!

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Dinning for a Difference

By Cory

I recently had a chance to speak to University of British Columbia student about a project she was working on concerning food safety at campus. Within a few minutes, it was clear that she had a deep passion for the subject. I was impressed by her initiative and it reminded me of a long-held belief: Food can be so much more than  just what we put into our mouths.

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Made for each other? Small batch + small batch vodka
Wednesdays With Walter

By Cory

While it may be difficult to paint a complete picture of what Canadian culture is, there are certain things so quintessential to this country that they seem to be part of our nation’s DNA. For example, winter and snow: classic Canadiana. So it was fitting that there was (yet another) snowstorm in progress outside when I invited Mark Munroe of WeRAddicted and Mark Munroe Media over this past Wednesday to sample Walter all-natural craft Caesar mix (yes, I mean some day drinking).

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