Taboo part deux

As I sit here in bed, groggy from my pain meds post-surgery, I look at my calendar and see that Saturday, December 29th is circled in bright red marker and Taboo is written in all caps across the date. Insert massive smile here! I am suddenly reminded that my fiancé and I (I am stil getting used to saying that ;-) )  have a date at Taboo this weekend and I am instantly mega pumped!!!!!!


In my excitement, I realize that we only shared the awesome Cory’s (Touch) experience at Taboo but I have yet to share with you the amazing culinary experience that Candy (Taste) and I had back in November. Well my friends, let me show some of the goodness that Executive Chef Andrew Dymond specially created for us during our visit – it was exquisite, it was divine, it was… well, you’ll see

Fresh rolls and bread sticks, made in house. The scent of of these warm delights had us drooling before they got anywhere near our mouth


Vegan: Beet carpaccio, raw tomato marinara, taro root crisp

Creamy celeriac soup, toasted hazelnut, chantrelle duxelle & double smoked bacon.

Tuna & Bison, white anchovy, toasted quinoa, brussels leaves, winter squash & sauce vierge

Grande Finale: Expresso pot de crème, cherry & orange macaron, fresh cream, dense chocolate brownie, cramel drop

If you are wondering how we fit all of this delctable food in, that’s simple. Sheer gluttony and the fact that we just could not pass up any of these incredible creations.

As you can see, Chef Dymond really created a well-balanced feast that would appease every palate and dietary restriction. Each plate was bursting with flavor, appealed to all the senses and danced on our taste buds which did back flips with every bite. The courses also reflected Chef’s emphasis on using fresh, local, in-season ingredients and produce to create extraordinary plates.

Chef Dymond’s culinary skill is undeniable, his creations are incredible and his passion for food is infectious. If you ever happen to make the trip up to Taboo to experience his creations or ever see him on the street, give this man a high five, he deserves it ;)


To say that I am looking forward to this weekend’s trip to Taboo is an understatement. I dragged myself out of a medicated, post-surgery slumber to share this with you fellow foodies, that should tell you something :-)

Bon Appetit Darlings

♥ Fab

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