And Fab Channer’s wedding venue is….

Happy hump day all, it’s Wedding Wednesday! This is the first of many Wedding Wednesday posts where you will not only get fun details about my Foodie wedding but some fun ideas I have found in general :-)

Now as I have mentioned previously, there was a lot of research that went into us choosing a venue.

#1 – Food:  the venue had to have incredible food, is this any surprise? My definition of incredible is not just how it tastes, it’s also the creativity, out-of-the-norm factor and unique presentation of the plates. How many of us have been to a wedding and the venue is stunning, Dj is on point but the food is just meh… I have definitely experienced that more than once and vowed that I would do my best to find a venue with a stellar culinary team and offering.

#2 – Location: Another biggie for us, especially with our recent move to the West. We decided that we would still have our wedding somewhere in Ontario, since that is where the majority of our family and friends reside. One thing that I have learned during our venue search is how BIG Ontario really is and how many different venue options there are! We wanted to something that wasn’t as traditional but the options are still endless!

#3: Staff and service level: My mother taught me that service always goes a long way and I never forgot it. In our search I went to a number of our venue options just casually to see what kind of service their staff offered, how they worked together etc. This may sound strange to you but service is HUGE for me. We need a venue where the staff are not just friendly with our guests but have a good working relationship together and trust me when I say that you can always tell if they don’t, things are just not in sync.

So those were three key factors for us during the search amongst the hundreds of other criteria – I can’t help that I am “selective” ;-) So after many, many, many months of searching, sampling, researching and emailing, we finally decide THE venue that is going to host THE most fabulous wedding of the year :)  Drum roll please… and the winner is…. Taboo Resort & Golf, in beautiful Muskoka!

We are mega excited and look forward to our fall nuptials on such a beautiful property. I spent many summers and winters in Muskoka as a child and love everything about it. As for Taboo, you have heard me sing their praises before in past posts and it was for good reason. We made a few visits there as we were going through the decision making process and everything was consistently on point, every, single, time! One thing that sold me the most was their incredible onsite event coordinator, Nicole Despins and the creativity of Executive Chef Andrew Dymond. The two of them really went above and beyond and bring service to the next level! I always envisioned my wedding as one big foodie party and this team are going to make it happen!

So there you have it, our venue is revealed. Stay tuned to upcoming Wedding Wednesday posts for more details on our not-so-traditional wedding, more vendor selection, the gift registry process and so much moreJ  To read my previous post on Taboo, click the below links:


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